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BOWI Pumps & Levels results continue to amaze us, because our customers are convinced – and rightly so,
by the performance and lifetime of the products they purchase, as well as by the professionalism, thoroughness and friendliness of the people they deal with,
The plant engineers and the BOWI Pumps & Levels team would like to thank you and wish you an excellent New Year 2024.

Bowi Pumps & Levels likes complex projects

Every now and then, any company requires an oxygen cure. Jean Paul Jackers has been taking care of it since he took over Bowi Pumps & Levels eight years ago.

The company mainly distributes products of high-quality German brands and scores particularly well in projects where corrosion and abrasion resistance are essential. “A state-of-the-art product range combined with a professional and dynamic approach naturally lead to a continuous growth,” confirms the enthusiastic manager.


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What a joy to be back at the event on 09/30/2021 and to be able to (re) present our attractive range of products to our customers and new contacts, with as a scoop,  the VISCO JET agitators.


SCHMITT Plastic Centrifugal Pumps crucial to the Customer


Investing in 2021 in more efficient production equipment can also turn out to be the right decision. A Limburg-based surface treatment specialist shares this opinion and decided to invested this year in a new production hall, now equipped with the largest nickel-plating baths in the Benelux. The maintenance manager of the company insisted on equipping them with the same plastic centrifugal pumps as those which ran perfectly for thirty years. It is BOWI Pumps & Levels who took care of the advice, service and
material supply for this new production line.

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Are you getting annoyed by corroding and worn-off pumps sometimes? Maybe we have some ideas for you how to deal with it. If you have some doubts about plastic being a suitable pump material – even better! We will talk about industrial applications where plastic pumps – sometimes unnoticed – write a success story, every day.

The webinar will take about 45 minutes and takes place on March 25, 2021 at 11 a.m. (CET). Your participation is free of charge. Here is what we will talk about:

+ Plastic pumps – about types and capabilities

+ Do they follow industrial standards?

+ How a centrifugal plastic pump is designed

+ Selection of the right material

+ Comparison with metal pumps

+ Tips for decision making

+ Success stories from the industries


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Ultra-strong pumps in the heart of gas washing systems

Gas or vapors released in industrial processes such as chemical stripping, surface treatment, precious metal mining/recovery, the production or distribution of chemical products are generally very harmful for the environment. They are often extremely corrosive and contain dust particles. Munsch Chemie Pumpen, the German specialist of industrial plastic pumps, has been distinguished for more than 50 years with strong and innovative solutions for caustic and abrasive liquids. An interview with Jean-Paul Jackers, director of Bowi Pumps & Levels, the exclusive distributor of pumps from Munsch for Belux.


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