• Chemical pump CM

    Magnetic coupled non-metallic pump according to ISO 5199. There is hardly any challenge in chemical industry this mag drive pump can’t deal with.
  • Chemical pump CS

    Mechanically sealed non-metallic pumps according to ISO 5199 and EN 22858 for heavy duty service in chemical applications. Single and double mechanical seals with various options and a hydraulic design identical with the CM and ECM mag drive series provide solutions for almost every challenge in chemical industry.
  • Chemical pump ECM

    Centrifugal mag drive pump according to ISO 5199. A compact and reliable design for a variety of chemical related applications such as tank farms and scrubbers.
  • Industry pump NP

    Centrifugal non-metallic pump according to ISO 5199/22858 from solid high performance plastic materials for the harshest industrial conditions.
  • Indust. pump NPC-Mammut

    The world's largest centrifugal pump from solid plastic! With flows of up to 3’000 m³/h, high efficiency and low NPSH, the Mammut will cut cost and increase MTBF in large scrubber units.

    The best fit for pits and tanks, with lengths up to 3 meters and flows up to 700 m³/h. Various sizes, designs, seals and materials make these pumps fit everywhere!