FELUWA MULTISAFE® Double Hose-Diaphragm Pumps



FELUWA MULTISAFE® pumps offer a unique technologic advantage: the double hose-diaphragm. It represents a sophisticated and improved development of traditional piston diaphragm positive displacement pumps. An impressive worldwide track record, containing some of the most demanding projects and applications, prove their superior performance and reliability.

The pumped medium is enclosed by two hose-type diaphragms, which form a double hermetic sealing to the power end. Additionally, they create a linear flow path through the pump. Crankshaft driven pistons or plungers displace a certain volume of hydraulic fluid with each stroke. This activates a hydraulic fluid which leads to a contraction of the double hose-diaphragm, which then pumps the medium into the discharge line. This pulsating action is comparable to that of the human vein – bionics in pump design!

Thanks to a very small number of wetted and wear parts, it can be adapted flexibly to a large number of applications and offers very low operational expenses.

It is perfectly suited for all applications where aggressive, abrasive, corrosive, toxic or solid-bearing mediums need to be pumped. The MULTISAFE® technology is used worldwide in coal gasification and the feeding of reactors, autoclaves, spray dryers and filter presses, as well as concentrate and slurry transports.

Performance data:

  • Pressure range: up to 350 bar
  • Volume: up to 1.350 m³/h
  • Medium Temperature: up to 200°C


  • Maximum system availability due to a reduced number of wear parts
  • Chemical resistance ensured by a flexible and large variety of wetted parts
  • Human and environmental safety
  • Low energy costs due to high efficiency
  • Highest operational safety by intelligent control system